Rich "Bud" and Pat Proul and their  five children,
Patsy, Larie, Rich, Yvonne and Anita moved from
Great Falls, Montana to Helena, Montana  in
1978.  At that time
Helena had no service, repair
or towing businesses for
heavy equipment or
diesel vehicles, and there was a great need.
automation and technological change.  Vo-techs eventually took over where
MDTA left off).  He also taught mechanics at the then, new Missoula Vo-tech.  
With a great teacher, it seemed natural for young Rich to follow in his
footsteps--so consequently
R & R (Richard "Bud" and Rich) Diesel Repair and
Heavy Haul Inc. came into existence even before Rich graduated from high

Although Pat ran the business end of things and managed the office, it was not
unusual to see her out in the shop running tools and parts or out on the
highway in driving rain/sleet/snow holding a flashlight!

Bud and Pat had planned on taking partial retirement, so Rich took over running
the shop in 2000 to alleviate the majority of the responsibility off of Bud.  After
Yvonne graduated, she started part-time and eventually worked into full-time.  
As the business increased and
heavy haul was added, she took over office
management in 2005.  Bud and Pat are still actively working the business today

The main shop originally housed Pat's office.  The reception area was added on
in 1980.  In 1993, the addition of more office space was constructed.  All the
Proul children, as well as several grandchildren have worked or are working at R
& R
Diesel Repair and Heavy Haul in some capacity.  Yvonne took on office
management in 2005.

The new lower shop was built in 2005 and has bays that as many as 6 vehicles
can be worked on at any given time.  It is also where the body work and painting
is done.
One of Bud's various career paths was as an
instructor in Butte, Montana for the Manpower
Development Training Act (MDTA).  (MDTA was
established by John F. Kennedy in 1962 to train
and retrain thousands of workers unemployed
because of
R & R Diesel Repair & Heavy Haul Inc.                    
Family owned and operated since 1978